Juliette GRAGNIC

Online resume

Student about to graduate with a Masters degree in Book publishing, I've always loved literature and books themselves. I've been writing for about a decade and reading for much longer: I've always loved text, writing and words in general. It's why I chose the path I did in university. Writing is what I want to do professionnally, be it by helping out with manuscripts or by producing content for internet or social media:to play and have fun with words.


High School of Joseph Loth

Scientific baccalauréat, mention Très Bien (highest honor) — Pontivy — 2014-2017

Prepschool of Saint-François Xavier

Hypokhâgne B/L, Literature and Social Studies — Vannes — 2017-2018

Université de Bretagne Occidentale

Bachelor degree in Modern Literature, mention bien (high honor) — Brest — 2018-2021

Université d'Angers

Maîtrise LLPC (Literature, Language, Patrimony, Civilisation) — Angers — 2021-2022

Université d'Angers

Maîtrise in book publishing, mention Bien — Angers — 2022-2023

Université d'Angers

Master in Book Publishing — Angers — 2023-2024


Carton Voyageur — Postcard Museum, Quatro

Punctually over the year and as a part-time job over summer — Baud — 2017-2021

Front desk

Organizing archives

Telephone switchboard


Handling booking for cultural events and activities

Médiathèque Municipale, Quatro

À mi-temps durant la saison estivale — Baud — 2017-2021


Landing and getting books back in the system

Book reservations

Handling booking for cultural events and activities

Telephone switchboard

Carton Voyageur — Postcard Museum, Quatro

Two weeks internship — Baud — december 20th - february 27th 2022

Territory diagnostic for the museum's PSC

Conception of a literary visit using classic texts around Bretagne

Éditions Beurre Salé

2 months internship — Angers — May 2nd - June 29th 2023

Manuscript's reading and review


Wriring argumentaries for the publishing house's books

Writing and making visual content for Instagram

Keeping up with the press about the publishing house

Checking in with the booksellers

Fiction writing

Freelance — 2018 - [still happening]

Photo editing and graphic design for communication on social media

Coming up with creative plot and storylines


Publishing on differet platforms

Yumens — MV Groupe

6 months internship — Rennes — February 12th - august 9th 2024

Writing SEO texts for websites

Writing branding texts

Making new editorial lines



I understand things quite quickly once they're shown and demonstrated to me. Thus, I catch on and come to grips with different methods, softwares or techniques fast. It doesn't require much time for me to become efficient.


I plan my time and organisation always in a way that I'm ahead of time as to never be late. I've learned to take into account transportation issues and my own rhythm to be able to be on time as much as possible, though I can't control everything.


After several years in university, especially after COVID and a whole internship done remote, I've learned to plan my time and the tasks handed to me in order to always work efficiently and respect the different deadlines without overpassing the quality of my work.


With the path I've taken during my studies and the differnt subjects I've broached, I was brought to many different places, met many different people. Thus, I learnt to overcome my fears of change and to adapt to my environment. I know how to behave and work accordingly with my surroundings.

Contact with clients

The different front desk jobs I've worked as well as the work I've done staying in touch with booksellers made me aware of the way customers behave and taught me how to behave accordingly.


Be it the articles (press or academic) and essays I've written while in school, the optimised content I've produced for websites or the fiction I write on my own free time, I wrote a lot in my life. Thus, I learned to master different styles and ways of writing and can adapt to any context to produce the required content.

Examples and excerpts of my work soon to come.

Softwares I master


Publishers' and copyeditors' main tool, Word is something I had to learn how to use years ago. I know how to use styles to produce a content page, use the changes tracker to apply efficient but not too harsh suggestions; do basic page layouts. Using it isn't a problem for me.


I've of course had to do several presentations during my studies. I know how to use Powerpoint like no one and the art of making diaporamas has no secrets to me.


I'm no professionnal but I've learned to create spreadsheets and use them to calculate budgets or get an overview of statistics evolutions. I was in charge of handling the budget to organise my class' final project, the Journée de l'édition (aka "the Editors' Day") and I used Excel to do so, resulting in no mistake and a clear view of how our finances were doing. I've also used Excel to identify the visits' statistics of the library I worked for.


Making a layout, creating style sheets, conceive ebooks or generate interactive pdfs: those are some examples of tasks I did over the past few years and now master.


Making collages, deskewing and cropping images, balancing colors, creating layers and not getting lost among them: some skills I acquired after years of using Photoshop for classes or personal projects. It was especially useful when I had to create graphic designs to promote the publishing house Beurre Salé on instagram for my internship.


Extract the files' SVG codes to add them to a website, creating or adjusting logos... I use Illustrator less than the other two softwares mentioned before but I still know its basis.


This very website is a perfect exemple of this skill. I coded it entirely by myself, using the material of a class I attended in university as well as the HTML and CSS documentation that can easily be found on internet.


Even though I wasn't alone on this project, I worked on a great part of the website we used to promote and communicate around the Editor's Day. The website was made on wordpress.org using a template the whole class chose and I worked on making it as functional as possible and wrote most of the CSS code for it.Journée de l'édition.

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